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Woman Gets Pregnant And Gives Birth To Baby While In Coma

Woman gets pregnant and gives birth to baby while in coma

A 29-year-old woman who has been in a coma for 10 years recently has given birth to a child at the medical facility where she’s been on admission.

Medical doctors said she delivered a baby boy despite still being in an unconscious state at Hacienda Healthcare.

According to multiple reports, the police obtained DNA result from the male workers at the nursing home after the shocking revelation was made public.

A legal expert, who commented on the medical mystery, asserted that the only way the woman in a vegetative state could have gotten pregnant is if she was raped because she didn’t give her consent.

The mother of the comatose woman, whose identity remains unknown, disclosed that after she was informed of the pregnant, she decided to be staying with her daughter in the facility everyday.

Watch the news report:

Reacting, mizbibibassey said; While putting all effort on male staffs dey shld also check on female staffs trans full every where.

koko_barbz; 😳😳 a while ago I saw an article about morgues refusing to hire male Mortuary attendants cos they were raping women 😢

lightsarchitect; The person who did that can sleep with a dead person … it’s horrible

ifeomachinasa; Does it mean she is out of Comma? Are there no cameras? For the past 10months who is in charge of her vitals not to have noticed pregnancy before now?

jessica_original95; They need to run a test on every single male that has come in contact with that lady in the last 1 year. From The Male Doctors, Nurses, CNA’s, Housekeepers, Dietitians, PT, OT, Family Members, friends, visitors and especially The MALE RESIDENTS on that floor.

I emphasize on the RESIDENTS on that floor because it happens every time especially if they are demented. Talking from experience.

queenphayte_official; Nigerians can laugh when something is serious, because just tell me why y’all are using laughing emojis now, what is funny?, you will not know how serious something is until it happens to you or your family.

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