Why Sen. Pizzle Is The Best Candidate For OOU SUG Presidency In The Coming Election


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In the democratic spirit of the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), it is once again time for students to exercise their right to vote in the new 36Th Student Union Government (SUG) Executives in the Forthcoming election.

This crucial decision will shape the future of the university and directly impact the lives of its students. Among the candidates vying for the position of 36Th SUG President, one name stands out – OGUNSANYA BAMIDELE PETER p.k.a SEN PIZZLE, a charismatic and dynamic leader who has demonstrated great potential in his previous roles.


Sen. Pizzle has a proven track record of leadership, having served as a Class Representative and also as the Public Relations Officers of The Faculty of Education during Sen. Focus Led Administration during the 20/21 Academic Session.

He has also serves as a Senator at the 35th Hallowed chamber of the Students’ House of Senate where he served as the TASK FORCE CHAIRMAN of the School. He has also been a vocal advocate for students’ rights from his 100 Level Days.

Sen. Pizzle

One of the key reasons why Sen. Pizzle is the best candidate for the job is his commitment to transparency and accountability. He has promised to run an administration that is open and transparent, where every decision will be made with the input of students. He has also pledged to be accountable to students, providing regular updates on his administration’s activities and progress.

Another reason why Sen. Pizzle is the ideal candidate is his vision for the future of OOU. He has outlined a comprehensive plan that focuses on improving the quality of education, enhancing student welfare, and promoting unity and diversity on campus.

Sen. Pizzle

Sen. Pizzle plans also includes initiatives such as establishing a student support center, creating a mentorship program for freshmen, and organizing cultural festivals to celebrate OOU’s diverse student population among the Four Campuses of the Institution.

In addition to his vision, Sen. Pizzle possesses the necessary skills and qualities to lead effectively. He is an excellent communicator, strategic thinker, and team player who knows how to bring people together towards a common goal. He has also demonstrated his ability to manage resources effectively by organizing a workshops, seminars, and skill-building programs, to better equipping students for their future careers.

Sen. Pizzle

Lastly, Sen. Pizzle is undoubtedly the best candidate for the position of OOU SUG president. His leadership experience, commitment to transparency and accountability, vision for the future, and leadership qualities make him the ideal candidate to lead OOU students towards a brighter future.

Therefore, I urge all students to come out en masse and vote for Sen. Pizzle in the upcoming SUG Election as the PRESIDENT of the 36TH STUDENTS’ UNION GOVERNMENT. Together, we can make OOU a better place for all.

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