Singer Young Duu Raises Alarm, Accused Skitmaker CarterEfe Of Ripping Him (WATCH VIDEO)

Carter Efe and Young Duu

Following the success of the song Oyimo, Young Duu has accused Carter Efe of ripping him and collecting the benefits of his song.

Young Duu who is believed to have acquired a Benz in a new video says he doesn’t want to talk about all the battles he is facing from Carter Efe but he is sure that the comedian and singer is ripping him.

He said Carter Efe used his cleverness and knowledge of how the industry works to collect the song from him. Young Duu questioned the content creator to know if that is why he wanted him to release an album, so that he will benefit from the returns.

“Carter Efe has used all the industry brain to collect my song from me, he’s now going to shows to perform the song only. He is not an artiste, he is a comedian, he does not want anybody to help me,” he said in part.

It should be noted that Carter Efe is the official owner of the song Oyimo in which Young Duu originally composed.

Taking it to the internet, Young Duu has complained that rather than helping him, Carter is ripping him off.


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