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My Boyfriend Dumped Me Because I Acted A Bedroom Scene – Nollywood Actress Cries Out

Nollywood actress Mellisa Osagie has shared her story of how her boyfriend dumped her over a bedroom scene in a movie.

While speaking in an interview with The PUNCH, Mellisa Osagie pointed out to any future suitor that she is ready to do anything for her acting career, hence needs someone who will understand her and what she does.

She also debunked rumors that actresses live a promiscuous lifestyles. She recounted how her ex-boyfriend slapped her during an argument on the said matter.

She also disagrees with the notion that actresses are usually promiscuous, as she recalled being slapped by her boyfriend during a misunderstanding.

She said: “My boyfriend left me because I acted in a bedroom scene. However, I am ready to stay with whoever is ready to stay; and I am ready to open the door for whoever wants to leave.

“My emotions have always been in check. Whoever is meant for one will stay in one’s life. As an actress, I believe it is better to be with someone who understands the business. It has nothing to do with trust or valuing my career more than my relationship.

“The difference between an actress and a regular person on the street is the camera. I dated a guy in 2017, and we had issues. He did not have a car and was not rich, but I was still with him because I liked him. However, when we had a misunderstanding, he told me that I was all over one of my male colleagues because he just bought a car.

“I asked him if he was expecting me to be moody because a colleague bought a car. He then slapped me three times after I made that statement. I did not talk about it publicly because I believe some people will blame me (due to the fact that I am an actress).”

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