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MohBad Used My Glory To Become Famous – Late Singer’s Dad Opens Up

Mohbad’s Management Slams N200m Suit On Late Singer’s Father

In a recent, emotionally charged revelation, Mr. Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian musician Mohbad, has made startling claims about his son’s rise to fame and the underlying spiritual dynamics he believes were at play.

In a newly surfaced video, Mr. Aloba unveiled that a pastor connected to Wunmi, Mohbad’s widow, confided to the family that Mohbad had been using a special kind of spiritual glory to propel his music career to unprecedented heights.

According to Mr. Aloba, the pastor’s revelation brought to light a hidden aspect of Mohbad’s journey to stardom, one that involved harnessing this spiritual force for fame and fortune.

However, Mr. Aloba expressed a mix of pride and sorrow as he recounted how, despite his son’s lucrative career, he personally did not benefit financially from Mohbad’s success.

He lamented that while Mohbad was raking in wealth through his music, the financial support was disproportionately directed towards his mother.

Mohbad, in his father’s view, showed favoritism by consistently giving money to his mother and even setting up shops for her, while seemingly neglecting his father’s needs.

This revelation comes on the heels of another bombshell from the grieving father, who suggested that his son’s untimely death was the result of a bitter dispute over a DNA test.

Mr. Aloba recounted a harrowing encounter that added another layer of tragedy and intrigue to Mohbad’s story.

The late singer’s dad disclosed that he had overheard a distressing voice note in which Mohbad and Wunmi, his daughter-in-law, were locked in a heated argument

In this intense exchange, according to Mr Aloba, Mohbad made a chilling statement, indicating the depth of their conflict. He reportedly told Wunmi that even if she managed to kill him, she couldn’t harm his entire family.


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