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Download Metamorphosis – Latest Chinese Movie (Action)

Download Metamorphosis Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

In the gene building in the early morning, the cleaners accidentally opened the iron cage in the secret laboratory while cleaning, but he was attacked and killed by the “invisible” tyrannosaurus. In order to investigate the source of the bizarre python, A Liang, a wildlife biologist, came to the gene group where his ex-girlfriend Shiwen belonged.

When Shi Wen took A Liang to visit the company, he was attacked by a tyrannosaur, and everyone temporarily took refuge in the security house. A Liang found that these so-called animals are “monsters” produced by mixed genes, so they not only have to escape the attack of Tyrannosaurus, but also get all the data of the gene group.

Even so, Ah Liang alone was still unable to fight against such a behemoth. Suddenly, Ah Liang came up with a way to use the mutated giant python to fight against the mutated Tyrannosaurus, and find a breakthrough for himself to defeat the Tyrannosaurus.

Genre: Thriller / Disaster
Director: Liang Shiyue / Chen Liangyan
Starring: Gao Shuang / Sun Ruiqi / Cheng Fangxu
Runtime: 71mins

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