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Who’s Saida Boj? Meet OAP Who Claimed Anyone Intending To Sleep With Her Must Pay 20m

Saida Boj

Sarah Idaji Ojone, better known as Saida Boj, a prominent Nigerian slay queen and influencer, stirred controversy with her declaration regarding the price of intimacy.

During a candid conversation on The Honest Bunch podcast, she unveiled her provocative stance, stating that she would entertain the idea of being intimate with a man if he could lavish a staggering N20 million on her.

Saida didn’t stop there; she raised the bar even higher, proclaiming that any man willing to splash between 20 and 50 million naira within a week would gain access to her body.

Her statement sent shockwaves through social media, sparking intense debate about the intersection of wealth and relationships.

Addressing inquiries about her approach to dealing with men who pursue her, she reiterated her stance, asserting that a significant financial investment could potentially sway her decision.

However, she made it clear that despite the extravagant spending, she expected the man to take charge in the bedroom, emphasizing that money alone wouldn’t dictate the dynamics of their encounter.

Saida Boj said; “If you can spend up to 20 to 50 million in a week, you can go through my legs, you can go through anywhere. 20 million, 50 million, that’s money. Sleeping with them once won’t hurt. And the man will do all the work”.

Her unabashed openness about her criteria for intimacy ignited a flurry of reactions online, with some applauding her upfront attitude, while others criticized what they perceived as a commodification of relationships.

Who is Saidaboj?

Saidaboj, was born on September 4, 2001. She is a rapidly rising content creator and social media influencer.

Sarah Idaji, also known as Saidaboj, is a 22-year-old content creator and internet personality from Kogi State. She was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ojone.

Saida Boj

Saidaboj Early Life & Education

Saidaboj, a Nigerian social media influencer, was born on September 4, 2001, in Kogi State, Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Ojone’s family.

She is very private about her family history, upbringing, and educational background. This, however, has piqued many people’s interest in her life off camera.

Saidaboj’s profile skyrocketed following a highly publicized clash and social media altercation with the well-known Nigerian human rights activist VeryDarkMan.

Saidaboj Career

Saidaboj rose to prominence on TikTok, where she has more than a million followers. Her influence also extends to Instagram, where she has more than 100,000 followers. She made her debut on these platforms, solidifying her reputation as a controversial digital celebrity.

Her rise to prominence can be traced back to a public confrontation with Verydarkblackman. This conflict began when Verydarkblackman made controversial remarks about women, implying that they engage in explicit activities for financial and material gain. Echoing the lyrics of OdumoduBlvck’s song “IF SHE NO FVCK OH IF SHE NO SVCK DK. “Who will pay for her wig and handbag?”

Saidaboj bravely defended women’s rights and dignity in the face of VeryDarkMan’s remarks. The heated debate erupted across multiple online platforms, delighting audiences.
Saidaboj Personal Life

Saidaboj is a popular 22-year-old talented content creator. She values her privacy and has not disclosed any details about her personal life to the media. Although she is in a relationship, she has not revealed the name of the person.

Saida boj Net Worth

Saidaboj has an estimated net worth of $10,000, and he is still counting.

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