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Mark Zuckerberg Announces Three New Privacy Features, To Kick Off A New WhatsApp Privacy Campaign

WhatsApp on Tuesday announced three new WhatsApp privacy features in order to allow users more protection.

WhatsApp on its Twitter page shared that “Mark Zuckerberg announces three new WhatsApp privacy features, to kick off a new WhatsApp privacy campaign!

The announcement is about group participants, who can see when you’re online, screenshot blocking for view once and a new global campaign!”

Meta CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg has shared three latest WhatsApp privacy features, which include an announcement meant for group participants, who can view the online status of the user, screenshot blocking for view once and a new global campaign.

Notably, the three new privacy features include exit group chats without notifying everyone, control who can see when you’re online, and prevent screenshots on view once messages.

WhatsApp informed that it is also starting a campaign to educate people about the new features, while WhatsApp already provides other privacy features, including the end-to-end encryption messaging and calling for individuals and businesses.

“The focus of their campaign is also to educate people to understand what the real security is: it is important to protect users not only when the information is sent but even when it’s stored (for example, by using end-to-end encrypted backups),” WhatsApp release said.

Additionally, “Mark Zuckerberg also announces that when someone leaves a group chat, the event is no longer notified to all members (except group admins) by using a system message within the chat.


So instead of notifying the whole group about this event, only group admins can see it due to moderation reasons.

This feature has already been released to some beta testers on Android and iOS, and it’s coming for more users this month,” as per WhatsApp release.

WhatsApp informed that with the new privacy setting, the user “will have more control over who can see when you’re using WhatsApp and when you don’t want everyone being able to see your online presence, you can choose the option “Same as Last Seen”.

This feature will finally start to be released to users this month, so be sure to keep your version of WhatsApp up to date. As always, we will notify users when there is a compatible build.”


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