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Lautech PASSA Executive Member Caught Sexually Abused A Female Student

Lautech PASSA

In the already rotten Nigerian system where every youth blames the older generation for destroying our society, there lies some sycophants that continue to shame the efforts of our fallen Heroes.

Justices is your motor and yet you remain the perpetrators of evil. They preach equality but are ready to take away the happiness of the weak.

Recently, the general secretary of the faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, LAUTECH, Comrade Olanrewaju Samuel sexually abused and almost raped an innocent student.

The victim was said to have been invited for JET TUTORIALS which she couldn’t attend and had been asked to attend night tutorials at Comrade Samuel’s hostel.

She had gone to his hostel for tutorials and was abused sexually and almost raped until she was able to escape the grasp of her predator.

Residents of his hostel testified that he had victimized most female students that had visited his hostel for the same purpose.

They further explained that they had warned him to desist from such acts.

This is one of the worst behaviours that should not be found amongst people that are held in high esteem.

This is an animalistic behavior common among dogs. Even apes and monkeys have better behaviours than the so called student representatives of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.

They are a bunch of decorated and elevated democratic terrorist. They don’t deserve to be among sane people neither do they belong in a sane community.

Students elect people into positions to fight for their right and as well give them a voice. What then is the fate of students in Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences if the supposed executives are animalistic in nature.

They called themselves products of LIBERAL Movement. Their origin should be questioned. Every child acts according to the characters transferred to them by their forebears. In fact, their home training should be checked.

PASSA executives and LIBERAL Movement deserve to live in the jungle with their fellow animals. Or better still, they can start their own colonies because animals in the jungle are better behaved than they are.

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